9 comments on “Pyramids & Sphinx Alignment’s pole shifted 45º – تغير اتجاه الاهرامات وابو الهول

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  5. Christians are doing a similar thing as this post is suggesting: presuming secret codes in the Christian bible, attempting to draw parallels to Planet X thinking they can predict the next Pole-Shift date. The ancient writings taken from found scrolls do offer accounts of the prior passage of Planet X, which according to ZetaTalk was exactly at the time the Israelis “Exodus” (escape) from Egyptian police guard. These narratives give us a idea as to what happened, but of course do not predict the next passage of Planet X.
    Let’s look at planetary dynamics from a layman’s point-of-view. A single planet orbiting a star or other large planet is highly predictable for it’s position within an observed period of time. Even the positions of two or more can be calculated quite accurately as well. My prior statement does not include the effects of the near passage of another planet or some other very large body that may throw the respective orbits into different orbital paths and therefore require new calculations to predict timings, etc. Now lets look at the orbit of Planet X.

    As my (link above) image shows, Planet X has a “sling orbit” which is between two suns, the other binary twin is 68.7 trillion miles away. This very large distance most certainly is not traversed in perfectly repeatable timing. There are many factors preventing reproduction of any measurement without re-calibration based on new or degraded forces involved. Therefore it is not possible to say that Planet X will arrive exactly as it has before. The Zetas have clearly said that Planet X used to pass through our solar system at a different entry zone: the asteroid belt, which used to contain water planets like Earth, now of course the zone between Mars and Jupiter is full of asteroids, various chunks of rock and dust. Planet X broke up entire planets as it passed through, which is why it has a massive accompanying tail of complete moons and planetary debris. The zetas have also indicated the last few north poles, which vary in location in the northern hemisphere precluding any thoughts of exact return timings or common solar system entry points since the severity of the pole-shift depends on how close Planet X passes by Earth. I drew up an image (link just below) based on the last few north poles detailed by the Zetas.

    In conclusion, because of impossible to predict influences over an human-unimaginable period of time, one cannot predict the new angle of “tilt” or the new location of Earth’s new physical poles after this passage. However, from the astral or the 4th dimension, this is entirely predictable due to several factors, one of which is the intelligence of the Zeta mind, the far-and-away more advanced technological devices the Zetas have access to and the all-surrounding perspective of the 4th dimension.

    I blog on Planet X, the Pole-Shift and related subjects at my blog site: http://survivingthepoleshift.com

    Chris Thomas.


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