7 comments on “How long the Anti Christ lasts – كم يلبث المسيح الدجال في الارض

  1. Interesting! Thanks.
    One rotation lasting 365 “days”? Sounds like the beginning of the rotation of our planet after the PoleShift! Yikes…
    Wouldn’t that imply total drought on half the planet exposed for so long? As the trajectory of rotation around the Sun lasts that long but the Earth itself only turns once, Holy God, HELP!


    • Yep, As well Muslims were told to estimate & adjust the 5 prayer a day accordingly. Also Middle East shall have freezing tempreture after time, In addition they were also told to put plugs in their eaes in the hour of the shift; (which i cauld’t confirm why) ?.
      Thats gonna be ONE long long day dear bel.


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