4 comments on “Who are the Anunnaki?

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  3. I am very disposed towards the ideas of the ancients being far more knowledgable about all things than we can recognize – the most amazing thing to me is how on earth did ANYBODY know there were ‘planets’ out there in the first place…..all you can see ‘out there’ is a bunch of twinkling lights, and without some incredible way to see patterns in the lights above, they somehow discovered that there were planets that could be predicted ? They must have spent entire lifetimes gazing at the sky. When we just stare at the stars we start to see ‘Orion’ and other shapes of course, but how to know what is a ‘planet’ and what is just another twinkling spot up there. So what we are saying is that those ancients were SO smart they recognized that some of the twinkly things moved about, and actually conceived of the idea of a planetary system ? THAT is why so many people find the idea of ancient ‘help’ about this stuff to be credible ! I also think that modern humans have very likely lost some of our deeper instinctual/animal forms of ‘knowing’ – call it ‘instinct’ or what is gained from going into deep trances maybe ?


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